Wednesday, July 02, 2008


I found a new kind of bagel that I wanted to try out :

If I was going to get bagels in the past, I would go for Kinnik (i'm obviously a fan) or Glutino. Mainly because those are some of the only kinds I could get my hands on. I also try to avoid them because GF bagels seem to be so high in fat & calories.  I just stick to alternatives... BUT, every once in a while, you want a bagel, so I figured I'd give these a whirl. And yes, these are high in fat... 12g per bagel!! My donut only has 5g!

So, perhaps you have tried these -- I must say I did enjoy them. But they're not like bagels, they're SHAPED like bagels, but the texture/taste is different -- these sort of reminded me of puff pasty, and they were crumbly like that. They also were relatively hollow on the inside:

.... they also reminded me a bit of Chebe bread... they had a buttery taste (probably the fat).

Anyway - these were good, but the high-fat is sort of a turnoff.... Anyone know of any good lower fat options?


Julia said...

Why do all gluten free things have to be so high in fat and calories??

Where did you buy those bagels though? I have never seen them before and want to try them!

Allie said...

Julia - I know! So frustrating about the fat/calories! grr...

anyway - i found those in manchester, nh in a natural foods store... I got a ton of new items! next time I'm up there (we go pretty often) I'll grab you a bag!

Julia said...


Sounds like they have good stuff, I should try and take a trip up there sometime. What is it called?

Allie said...

It's called "A Market", here is their website:

they have TONS of GF goodies!

Rochelle said...

They sell these in the Whole Foods in the Boston area -- I've seen them in the Newtonville store, along with other products from this company. The baguettes are really delicious -- they have mozzarella cheese in them, which is why they might have reminded you have Chebe bread. I also buy them at A New Leaf, an excellent natural food store in Needham center, which stocks a ton of gluten free food.

Allie said...

Hey Rochelle -

Thanks! I've heard about "A New Leaf" and have been wanting to drive out there (I very rarely use my car), and perhaps I'll check out the Newtonville WF, the Brookline one really doesn't have a huge selection.

Have a great 4th!

Jenny said...

I'll have to check the MGH WFs to see what they have. I'm not a huge bagel person anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hi, someone just told me about this blog. I have never actually commented on a blog before. I was just diagnosed in May and would love to find a support group. Is there one around Boston? I live in Lexington.


Allie said...

Hey Leora!

Thanks for visiting! So you just got diagnosed huh? The beginning is the worst, well, it was for me... But then you will start to feel MUCH better, and it's all worth it!

Anyway - there are no organized support groups that I know of. After I was diagnosed I looked. There is a website called, and there were people interested in a Celiac Meetup, but no one to organize.

I pretty much turned to the web as my support group. There are a ton of blogs around, and forums ( to help out with questions you may have. I found that keeping a blog was helpful, and reading other peoples!

Also - in September Boston is hosting it's first Gluten Free Cooking Spree, I'm going to be working on the committee & will keep everyone updated on my blog, but you should definitely try to make it. You'll meet a lot of people who are GF, and get a lot of local GF information!

Sally said...

The group actually did start up recently. I joined and met a few of them for dinner at The Fireplace in Brookline. It's a fun group and definitely worth joining. Lots of commiserating, laughing, and discussing of inappropriate things (BM, etc) over dinner. :)

hollygee said...

I've just found your blog through the Good Eatah…
…aaaaaand you've just found my favorite gluten free bread, which I can't get anymore now that I have moved to California. The Against the Grain baguettes had the mouth-feel and chewiness of glutenful bread.
Have you tried the breads from Le Garden?

Allie said...

thanks Hollygee!

I will definitely check them out -- saw about 5 things i wanted to try off their website.

I also want to find the against the grain rolls... I decided I really loved the bagels. I would only eat half at a time, which made them last a long time -- but mainly beacuse of the fat! but, oooh YUM.

Mozzarella truly makes everything better.

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