Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fall is approaching....

hello everyone -- not sure if there is anyone left reading! It's been quite a long time since my last post, but as I assumed, summer has been nuts, and with only three weddings left, I'm almost through the madness that is summer.

I had almost every weekend for about 8 weeks planned! Also, when it's warm out here, I don't tend to cook so there hasn't been too much to report on. It is starting to cool off slowly here in the Northeast though, and I'll be back in the kitchen soon scouring the internet for gluten-free recipes.

It got down to about high 50's the other day and I immediately found myself thinking about finding the perfect bread recipe. Cooking will be a bit harder for me now - as I am working much longer hours and not getting home until almost 8. I'll certainly be looking for quick & easy recipes.

So - hope everyone's summer is winding down nicely... I am SO excited for Fall, it is my absolute FAVORITE time of year, and I'm sick of all my summer clothes!


Anonymous said...

You've been tagged- Join in the fun:


Tom said...

Just found your blog and subscribed for my 11 yr old daughter who is Celiac... something you might want to change - you get a 404 error when you try to subscribe on the right - the url has an extra slash in it you need to take out...
Good luck with the blog!

Tom & Abby