Sunday, April 27, 2008

Getting Read for the Summer, i.e. dieting.

Hello internet.

It's been a while.... but I'm happy to report this summer will be 2 years gluten free! Yippee. I've had a couple of accidental glutenings, but overall it's been pretty good. I'm still on a mission to find the best gluten free bread mix/recipe... I've made about 14 loaves and gotten 1 or 2 decent ones.

Moving on... since summer is rapidly approaching, that means it will be bathing suit time. This is worrying me. I have realized since going GF that it's much easier to gain weight - in the past I could eat whatever I wanted & not gain, not the case now. SO - I am putting myself and my boyfriend on a diet, starting tomorrow.

We are going to be following David Zenczenko's "Abs Diet". It's based on his Power Foods - Almonds & nuts, Beans & legumes, spinach, veggies, dairy (fat free or low fat milk, yogurt & cheese), oatmeal, eggs, turkey, peanut butter, olive oil, whole grains (here I will be sticking to brown rice & quinoa), protein whey powder and raspberries & other berries.

He tries to get 5 or 6 power foods in at 3 big meals a day, and 2 or 3 in 3 smaller meals. So 6 meals a day - and he's got some weight training advice/tips to better our workouts.

I figured I'd document here. I'd like to loose 10-15 lbs. The BF is looking to loose 20-25 lbs.

Will post the start tomorrow....

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