Tuesday, April 03, 2007


With my renewed vigor for the gluten free lifestyle, thanks to test results below... I splurged on some new gluten free items. Mainly, Glutino brand bagels, breads, snacks and cereal.

I'm assuming most of you have tried this brand before right?

It's excellent. Expensive, but excellent.

I REALLY enjoy their bagels, which I buy once every few months, but I just found their cereal! I started with the Honey Nut and I LOVE it... I really wish it didn't cost so much, but I may try to order on-line for a better price. Perhaps I'll see if I can get my local Trader Joe's to stock it... Anyway, this cereal is great because it's not overly sweet like many others, but just enough sweetness, and I love the texture. YUM.

Kudos to this company for their delicious products!

UPDATE: I found & tried the Apple Cinnamon Cereal. It's good, but not as good as the Honey Nut. Let me add though, that I don't like any kind of fruity flavor in my cereal - so I'm negatively biased.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I went to Whole Foods today, looking for "Cheerios" from one of the reliable manufacturers. My friend gave me a great granola recipe and it called for cheerios. I found great substitutions for all of the other ingredients. I'll have to ask my local Whole Foods if they can find the honey nut ones you found. Good luck being gluten free..stay true to yourself!

Mike Eberhart said...

I agree with you - I REALLY like Glutino's GF Bagels. I've blogged about them before too :)

I especially like the Sesame variety.
Nice to see another GF blogger talking about them!

Any chance you'd want to have your blog entries included in the Gluten-Free News and Blog Posting Aggregator?

I'd gladly include it. If you're interested, just follow the "blog feed setup instructions" (see link at the top of that page) for how to setup an RSS feed I can pull from.
Thanks. Mike

Anonymous said...

Um, the only Glutino cereal I've had was the Apple Cinnamon and I threw the box out after barely getting through one bowl of it.

EnviroKidz is MUCH better and Whole Foods has a few GF cereals from them!

Allie said...

Hey Anon ---

I'd partially agree - the Apple Cinnamon isn't my favorite - I liked the Honey Nut much better... but as I mentioned above, I don't really like sweet cereal - and therefore I don't like any of the EnviroKids brands.

I wish I liked them, they're in the Whole Foods, Trader Joes & Shaw's right near my house and it would make life easier... I did recently find "Mesa Sunrise" which is really good too... no sweetness there, and it actually has some fiber...