Monday, April 09, 2007

Silly Rabbit... Bread is for non celiacs!

It was Easter yesterday, and my parents hosted the event at their home, which was wonderful.

There was a lot of excellent food, my Mom is an amazing chef - ask anyone I know, dinner at her house is always a special treat. I was spoiled growing up with her cooking, which is what I attribute my need to spend more money than I have on good food & restaurants.

Anyway -- I did a very funny thing. I was slicing the Easter Bread (the kind with the eggs cooked into it)... I had already gotten over my jealousy of the bread-eaters at this point; but it looked & smelled delicious (this was the only non-gluten free thing on the day, well that and some amazing looking deserts, but we had GF cupcakes & cheesecake)... so anyway, I was slicing the bread, and what did I do? I popped a piece of it into my mouth!

This was the first time I've done this... just popped it in, without knowing what I was doing. When I tasted the wonderful bread texture & that sweet taste of easter bread, I realized what I did and sortof yelled out... my cousins & Aunt were standing around and looked at me as I spit out the bread in my mouth, and they laughed when they realized what I'd done.

It was really pretty funny... I think I probably ingested a tiny bit, but I was fine. And I must say, I had that great taste in my mouth for at least a few minutes, and I really enjoyed it.

I guess it just goes to show how the GF diet really isn't affecting my daily life much anymore -- it's just the way I eat now.


Natalie said...

I love that story! I am glad you didn't get sick. I sometimes eat gluten in my dreams, but I have never accidentally eaten something. I am amused!

Ellen said...


That's hysterical! I can only imagine the scene. How funny! Thanks for sharing that. Looking forward to Wagamama:).


celticjig said...

I am so glad someone else does stuff like that! I did that once at a Thai restaurant while tasting a friend's dish. The menu said rice noodles and I didn't even look and dove in and someone else at the table said "aren't those wheat noodles" choke, choke and not so quietly grabbed my napkin. I too lived.


Anonymous said...

Dear Allie:
Here is some GF bread news that might make you think you ARE dreaming! Outback in West Springfield, Massachusetts is now serving hamburgers and sandwiches on Walk On Water GF rolls. They are also offering a GF bread basket for their customers on the diet. -This is NOT chain wide, but only available in a few, select New England Outback restaurants.

You can check out the bread at It will be available soon at Geissler's Supermarkets in CT near western Massachusetts.