Monday, September 12, 2011


My husband and I are trying to get back into shape now that the fun of summer is coming to an end. It's fall-ish weather here already in the Northeast and I love it! I'll miss summer, but for some reason with the summer being SO busy and every weekend planned, it's nice to be home a little more and fall back into a routine (no pun intended)....

We haven't belonged to a gym since last April, so we joined a new one (woo hoo!) and are watching what we eat (ABS Diet style - we did this before, it worked, so we're back on it --- and it's really easy to adjust for gluten free with this).

My favorite part is bringing smoothies back into our lives!

While I generally am an egg person in the morning, I like mixing it up. Especially since we're trying to work out before work - so a smoothie is the perfect thing to mix up and have pre-workout.

This one pictured above (with my super fun straw) included:

Frozen strawberries
Frozen mango
1 banana
0% fat greek yogurt
GF whey protein powder, vanilla flavor
splash of low-sugar orange juice
splash of 0% fat milk
ice cubes


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