Thursday, September 01, 2011

Mariposa Gluten Free Bakery

After my unfortunate pizza experience in San Francisco, the next day I was lucky enough to be down at the Farmers Market at the Ferry Building for work. I remember someone telling me about Mariposa a while back, and went inside to look for it. Didn't take long, it's a small-ish kiosk right in the middle (they mentioned they're moving soon to a new location in the Ferry Building).

I was like a kid in a candy store. EVERYTHING is gluten free - pastries, breads, bagels, SANDWICHES, cookies, brownies, etc etc!!!

It was really hard to decide. I should really have filled my purse with goods, but I only had room to get a few things, and found out they deliver, so we've all got that goin' for us.

I had a Blue Bottle Coffee in my hand, and thought that a Cinnamon Roll would go quite well with it...
Ummmm - yeah. IT WAS AMAZING. I should have bought every single they had and brought them home with me. Delicious, moist, great flavor. Perfect size.

Then I saw they had little bags of pre-made sandwiches, so I had to grab one of those. IT WAS ALSO AMAZING. The bread was fantastic - soft, perfect texture, not crumbly at all, not chewy - just good. I had one that (I think) had arugula, red-pepper spread, salami... Can't quite remember, meant to take a picture but was too excited about the sandwich & grabbed these two shots with my phone:
I also got a little bag of bagels - 2 per bag. I think they were multi-grain. Also very good... Not the best ever - but excellent flavor, not too crumbly.

All in all -- if you are in San Francisco and you are gluten free you MUST go to Mariposa! I linked to their website again, here it is again --- they also deliver. I'm sure it's expensive to do that. I may order for a special occasion -- otherwise, my friends who live in San Fran will be getting calls from me to bring me home goods when they're back east :)

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