Wednesday, July 06, 2011

B.Good Gluten Free Hamburger Buns!

Feast your eyes readers.... It's just a burger I grabbed for lunch around the corner from my office. No big deal. Yeah right!?

Thanks to the lovelies at Udi's who are now making really good GF Hamburger Buns, B.Good has started carrying them!

I literally read Jen's post about it this morning, and called the one near me, discarded my boring 'healthy' salad for lunch, and headed over there as soon as it was acceptable for me to eat lunch, 11:59.... They noted I had an Allergy on my order... and you watch them make the food so I was keeping an eye on everything. I noticed mine was made away from all of the other gluten-filled buns - and I noticed gloves being changed for my food. PROPS TO B.GOOD.

Oh, and their fries are TO DIE FOR.

Check 'em out if you're near one, here's there site again.


Marlow said...

That's it. I'm coming to Boston.

Jen said...

LOL YAY APRIL!! That would be awesome!

I love that you ran out for this burger, and your local was so much better than mine as far as avoiding cross contamination goes. I really do want to go there every day now.

Anonymous said...

In total agreement. Its such a treat to be able to order a burger on a bun. And these are GOOD burgers. The fries are also amazing. I alternate between the sweet and the regular. And can never finish them. Its just a bummer that their veggies aren't gluten free - they use soy sauce on them.

Anonymous said...

They generally do a great job, but I noticed one potential for cross-contamination: although they change gloves to handle the gluten-free bun, they reach into the same bins for toppings (lettuce, onions, etc.) that others reach into when handling regular buns.