Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rainbow Cake

Guys. I made a rainbow cake. It was gluten free, and it was glorious.
It was also delicious.
And it was SO. MUCH. FUN.

I was going to make cake batter from scratch, but then realized just how long that would take, so I went with trusty old Betty Crocker Gluten Free yellow cake mix. Definitely glad I did since it took a while. It would take a lot less time if i had more 9-inch matching pans, but alas, I only had two.

So here's my set up. 3 boxes of mix, a lot of butter, vanilla, eggs, milk, my trusty kitchen-aid mixer, lots of bowls, and food coloring.

I went with doing 9 inch round cake - because I had two of those pans. I think a 7 inch size would be perfect... Next time! (oh and I read online about people doing mini cakes, and I'm definitely doing that for my anniversary this summer).

Anyway. It was easy. Make 1 box of mix. Then split into two bowls, and add the food coloring that you want to get the right colors you want. I mixed it up, then poured into my pans, then baked. When those were almost done, I washed everything, and got going with the next batch, mixed, food-colored, re-poured, then baked.

Do that 3 times (with only 2 pans) to get 6 layers like this:

Then stack! After the layers cool a bit....This was fun.... I was going to make buttercream frosting, cause I love it - but was worried it would be TOO sweet, so I just bought a whipped cream-style frosting instead. I also went a little light with frosting, just because thats what I like and stacked in the color order I wanted:

Cover the outside in white frosting, make look pretty, then, the best part is when you cut into the cake! Ooohs & Aaahs all around! It was a HUGE hit. It really didn't take too long (maybe 3.5 hours or so) and it was so yummy and so much fun to eat.

The texture was great, and we ate almost the entire thing.... Can't wait to make my next one!


Marlow said...

UM you are my idol!

Lil Bit and Mummy said...

I did GF rainbow cupcakes for my DD's 3rd birthday! She loved them! I used a single mix, divided it into 6 ziplocks, and mixed the colors into them in the bags. Then cut a corner off and squeeze it in layers into the muffin tins.

Allie said...

Marlow - haha, thx

Lil Bit -- FANTASTIC IDEA!!!!!

Erin S. said...

This is totally awesome! Great job.

Jen said...

This is awesome!

Megan said...

Just found your blog - this is awesome! My husband and 4 year old daughter are gluten free. I'll be checking out your posts often!!