Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Food for Life Gluten Free English Muffins!

I was browsing the frozen gluten free section at Whole Foods the other day and saw these:

Yay! New GF product find! Of course I bought them, I couldn't resist. The price was also a good selling point. These were $5.49 at Whole Foods, compared to Glutino's english muffins that were $6.50-ish, and then compare to my fave english muffins (Joan's) at $13!

I haven't been buying Joan's lately, it's just too extravagent to pay that much for them, even though I love them. Ooh, I almost forgot, I really like Trader Joes GF/DF english muffins (wrote about them here) but don't have a Trader Joe's that is convenient to my new house :(

Woah, side-track.... anyway, Food for Life's Multi-Seed english muffins are really good! They definitely have the nooks & crannies goin' on:

And the flavor is really good. The seeds may be throwing the taste off a little, but I like it. They're a little bit dry too, I over-toasted my first one and it got a little too crunchy. My next one I microwaved to de-frost, then lightly toasted, and that one was much better.

I, of course, had a lovely ham, egg & cheese on mine:

Check out to see if these are near a store near you with their store finder.


Marlow said...

I'm going to have to snatch those up!

Mrs. C said...

I found a store nearby - I'm excited to try them!

Dumbledore1953 said...

My local gluten free store went out of business, and I could no longer find my beloved Glutino English Muffins. I picked these up, frozen, at Fred Meyers. My first impression when taking them out of the package: very heavy, like hockey pucks! Let them thaw, still hockey pucks. Very difficult to split (get a hacksaw!). Toasted on the highest setting, did not brown at all, warm hockey pucks. Covered with butter, peanut butter, & jam. Like eating sawdust. The rest went in the garbage.