Friday, November 06, 2009


I love this picture that the photographer caught of me on my wedding day.... We were in the limo on the way to the venue, drinking champagne, and I ate almost this entire bag of Glutino Sesame Pretzels. 

I'm so bad with snacking. I will end up skipping some meals because I over-snack. Do you? I especially love anything in the chip family - shout out to UTZ, best chips around and love that they label their chips gluten free. 

I never really liked pretzels until I couldn't eat them anymore -- and these Glutino pretzels are awesome - they taste like butter, and are better than "real" pretzels anyway. They are also fairly fattening & expensive, so I usually only allow this occasionally as a treat - my wedding day was definitely a good day to splurge ;)


sallybranwyn said...

I ADORE that this post and the picture of the reuben sandwich are right next to your Top Health Blogger icon. :) Hope to see you guys soon!

Anonymous said...
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Allie said...

sally - HA! Your comment is hilarious... yeah, i don't know why they gave that to me, but I like to THINK I am semi-healthy.

hey - you gotta have a rueben at least a couple times a year, right?

how was the weekend? did the brookline drinking go well? sorry we couldn't make it - can't wait till i'm not living in the burbs.

Katherine said...


I would like to send you some information on a gluten free search engine/phone app, but I can't find an email. Would you please email me so I can send you more info?!