Thursday, May 07, 2009

Paris-bound - TODAY.

Hello all... I am literally bouncing around in my chair at my office waiting for the clock to JUST MOVE FASTER. It's 12:15 now, and at 3 I'm heading to the airport to go to PARIS. I'll be sure to fill you all in when I get back.

Also - I need to tell you all about the fantastic dining experience we had at NEBO last week! Three gluten free gals and I headed over there for dinner and it was SO AMAZING. I'm working on a massive post, but if you're feeling like it - head to NEBO in Boston this weekend for gluten free pizza, pasta, fried calamari, and Redbridge!

Also -- THANK YOU to Erin at Gluten Free With a Purpose to "Z" Gluten Free From A to Z for giving me the Attitude of Gratitude award! I love that people out there think I'm making lemonade from lemons, and I really do love being able to share all of these great (and not so great) gluten free finds with you all!!

I'm going to pass this on next week, but for now... au revoir! voyez-vous la semaine prochaine!


Cathy said...

I Allie,
I'm making the rounds on some attitude of gratitude award winners! I'm publishing a BEST GFREE cake round up this weekend. If you happen to be online before Saturday - will you sendme your fav recipe?


sallybranwyn said...

I hope you had a fantastic time, Allie!