Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend Breakfasts

So since my love of egg/cheese/sometimes bacon sandwiches is out of control right now - I cannot afford to eat Joan's everyday, so I was at Whole Foods & decided to try some Glutino brand English Muffins (per Jenny's recommendation).  I checked out the nutritional info & it's pretty good - 1 muffin has 190 calories, 2.5g fat,  4g of protein, 1g protein & 410mg sodium. And they were very good! They're very light & fluffy - and I like the cornmeal that coated on the outside. You can see from the pic it's not as dense as Joan's -- and accompanied with my breakfast is a steaming cup of hot apple cider - YUM.

On Saturday I decided to mix it up and make oatmeal for a change. After my issue with the oats a few weeks back, and getting in touch with Bob's Red Mill - they sent me two huge bags! Thanks Bobs!

I made them on the stovetop with milk, a splash of vanilla extract, tsp of ground flax seeds, and a large spoonful of organic pumpkin mixed in! I love my oats to be creamy & think - the pumpkin helps for that & adds some nutritional goodness... You'll also see quite a bit of melting light brown sugar, and a spoonful of organic peanut butter.  They were great! And very filling.

And finally - an open-faced version of a bacon/egg/cheese -- I used a piece of GF bread I had in the freezer, a slice of turkey bacon, a slice of cheese, and a pan-fried egg on top. I doubled up on my drinks and had a glass of OJ along with my morning tea.

Just writing this is making me want breakfast again!!

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