Monday, December 15, 2008

1•2•3 Gluten Free

Has anyone ever tried any other 1•2•3• Gluten Free products before?? I saw this Pan Bar mix sitting on a shelf in a little gourmet grocer & I decided I had to pick it up. 

These were super easy to make and they turned out DELICIOUS!!

There are a few different ways to go with this mix - you can make the mix with applesauce, pumpkin, sweet potato, etc. I decided to go with pumpkin because I had just opened a can for oatmeal the day before -- and it was just the mix, canola oil, pumpkin & eggs - mix it up, bake it, and done!

These are amazingly light & fluffy and  have a wonderful taste with a bit of spice. I'm trying to be good so I'm not sure why I made these -- but I plan on putting in an extra 15 minutes or so at the gym so I can have one when I get home!!

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Anonymous said...

I've found that a great place to find gluten-free products is at Whole Foods Market.

Their website has a complete list of products and other helpful information in regards to a gluten-free diet.