Thursday, May 08, 2008


OK PEOPLE. I lost 4 pounds last week. WOO HOO. Matt lost 9! WOW. Boys always loose faster.

I'm feelin good on the diet - hoping to loose 11 more, hopefully I'll get there.

Anyone got any good TOFU stir-fry type recipes? I want to make something with the FIRM TOFU I bought....


Sally said...

A big congrats! Sorry I have no tofu recipes; I can't eat soy. The farmer's market will be open next month, which will make your diet even easier and tastier!!

Julia said...

Hi Allie!
I was poking around online this morning and came upon your blog-it is great!! I am going to have to back track and read all of the older posts but love it!
Hope all is well with you!

A few notes gluten free notes for you:
-I am obsessed with Oxford Spa, (even Brian thinks the GF bread tastes good) but saw somewhere it was closing-did you hear anything about that?
-KickAss Cupcakes in Davis Square now has gluten free cupcakes! Haven't tried yet but am going to go soon. Have you tried them yet?
-Have you heard of Hot off the Press? It is in Charlestown and Cambridge. I heard they had GF bread and sandwiches but have not been.

We have to go out for a GF meal one of these days!

Allie said...

Hey Julia!!!

I can't believe you found my blog! I'm trying to get back into it - but it's tough since work is so busy!

Ok - So, i heard that about Oxford Spa - I'll be SO BUMMED.... actually, last time I went there they were out of GF bread and I almost cried, ha -- i need to get back there. I know to call first.... Anyway - i think they may open a GF bakery if they close, I'll have to go & check in - but let me know if you hear anything!

Haven't been to Kickass Cupcakes yet, but NEED to go.

I HAVE heard about Hot Off the Press -- the Charlestown location does NOT carry gluten free bread, but I'm pretty sure the Cambridge one does, it's right in Central Square.

Burton's Grill is pretty new & have a gluten free menu & Redbridge! So I really want to go there soon - let me know if you want to go!

Allie :)

Sally said...

Hi Allie and Julia,
I've been to Kickass Cupcakes once and then my coworkers got some from there for my birthday. They're not bad, not bad at all! call ahead, though, as they don't always have GF cupcakes available.

I have to do some research on this Burton's Grill place!

Allie said...

Sally - I'm thinking about taking a trip over to kickass cupcakes this week (not sure those are part of my diet! but I could probably do a half one day, and a half the next day)... anyway, any recommendations for flavors?