Thursday, May 22, 2008

Burton's Grill review coming soon!

Just an FYI -- I'm planning on heading to Burton's Grill SOON - so I'll post a review as soon as I go.

Also - I had called the other week to see if they served Redbridge, and they said they didn't, sadly. So I suggested to the manager that they think about carrying it for those GF eaters looking for a cold one.... I got an email the next day saying they ordered it too keep in the restaurant! This was about 2 weeks ago, so it should be there by now!

THAT is what I call great service ;)

**UPDATE: Here is their Gluten Free Menu


Julia said...

Let me know when you go-I want to try it!

Allie said...

hey julia! lovin' this weather right now...

i want to go either this week or next week sometime! let me know & we can meet up ;) going to NYC to visit Jo in 2 weeks, can't wait!!

Claral said...

Keep up the good work.