Thursday, March 15, 2007

Wagamama Update

Great news on the Wagamama front. They are opening their first US location in Boston's Faneuil Hall on April 23, 2007!

I emailed with Barnaby Godden - their local head chef - and he wrote the following:

"... It's great to know that there is so much interest building in the opening of our first us site here in Boston.

I am currently working on our allergy table to accommodate as many dietary requirements as possible. When completed it would be great if you could give us feedback in case there are any areas that we may have overlooked...."

He also is sending along an invite to go to one of their dry-runs to try out their dinner & give feedback! I'm beyond excited!
I'll be sure to fill you all in, and I'll post his allergen table as soon as he emails it to me!

(ughh -- tried to upload a cute pic, but blogger wouldn't allow it... ps - I'm making the switch to wordpress very soon, I'll let you all know the new address)


Ellen said...

Oh boy, would I love to go with you! Any way you could wrangle an invite for me? Then we could finally meet and I could drool over the food just like I did when I was in London this past December. And big congrats on your great test results! You go girl!

Rochelle said...

Hi -- did you try the restaurant? There was a big write up about it in the Boston Globe today. Did they have any gluten free noodles?

Allie said...

Hey Rochelle!

Yes! I went! Thanks for the heads up about the Boston Globe article, I've been really busy and not able to post about my dinner there... But quickly, I had a chicken soup that was EXCELLENT - also got some edamame. Next time I go I want to get a rice noodle dish for sure...
will try to do a more detailed post in a few days - otherwise, if you visit their site, and check out the UK menu - it's almost exactly the same +/- a few things.