Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Wagamama to open in Boston!

I am so pumped! Wagamama, one of my favorite restaurants I loved to visit in London, is conveniently opening right across from where I work in Faneuil Hall!

Of course, when I used to eat there, I didn't know I had celiac, and had no symptoms, so I had free reign on the menu - BUT, as listed on their website, they do have a few gluten free items! Here's a link to their dietary restrictions: Wagamama Link

They also display food suggestions for people with lactose, garlic, msg, nut allergy, and diabetic issues... So thanks for lookin' out Wagamama!

The location in Faneuil Hall isn't opening until Spring 2007, and they will have another location opening in the Summer of 2007 as well... I think this place will do tremendously well here in this city, it's great, affordable asian food in a funky, chic atmosphere. Easy & delish, love it.

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Ellen said...

Hi Allie,

Thanks for including my blog in your "GF Blogs I Like". I've added you to my list as well.

We visited London (first time) this past December and went to Wagamama's twice. It was fantastic and when I found out they were coming to Boston, I was beyond excited. I had some of the best Thai soup I've ever had in my life, GF or not. I think they're opening two locations.

There are a bunch of us GF bloggers who live in Boston or the greater Boston area. I'd like to try to get together with others - maybe at the Elephant Walk (do you know about that restaurant) right outside of Kenmore? What do you think? Email me at

Glad to meet you!