Friday, December 08, 2006

Celtics Game, but no junk food or beer???

I've realized as of late, that one of the biggest bummers about Celiac (besides the freedom to eat whatever I want at whatever restaurant I want) is that sporting events just aren't as fun without a beer and dirty hotdog!

Last weekend I went to the Giants/Cowboys game - great game! - but couldn't eat or drink anything there. In that case, I was pretty hungover so I didn't want a beer anyway, plus it was cold.

BUT - tonight, I'm going to the Celtics game and will be meeting up with people at a bar right near the Garden, to pre-game. Normally I would just go, get some chix fingers & fries, & drink beer - maybe get a hotdog at the game. Of course, that's not an option. So what do I do? Before going to meet everyone, I order in some sushi at work, it's actually excellent sushi, so that makes me happy. Now I'm feeling full & heading over to the bar, and won't mind when everyone's eating burgers & pizza.

Now, we get in there, I'm sitting watching the game, I would really like to enjoy a cold beverage while watching. I DOUBT they sell wine, cider jacks or hard liquor at the venue, which means I'm going to have to drink EXTRA wine at the bar before heading over; sounds like trouble.

I think Celiacs should be allowed to Bring-Their-Own Alcohol wherever they go. We don't want to always volunteer to be designated driver! No one's even driving tonight?! So what's a celiac to do?

I'll let you know, but hopefully they're servin' some Bard's Tale at the Boston Garden tonight.


GrewUpRural said...

I can truly sympthaize with you. My boyfriend and I go to a lot of local college basketball and hockey games and a few concerts. I always have to eat before we go to the game. If I am lucky, the arena/stadium may have some buttered popcorn or candy that I can eat.

It is aggrevating. I am starting to sneek in my own gf foods in my purse. GF pretzels are good.

Allie said...

Hey GrewUpRural --

Goods news - they had popcorn! Bad news, I got the cheddar flavor, which I think had gluten in it because I was not feelin' great the next day. Also, they had a full bar right near our gate, so I got a captain & diet.. Worked out great!

Good idea to sneak stuff in, most places won't have as many choices as the Boston Garden I'm sure!


GlutenFreeMappyB said...

Does rum have gluten in it? Captain? I do wish we could bring our own beers everywhere! Well, not everywhere like to work and such, but you know what I mean. We're having a going-away party on Friday night, and I would LOVE to bring cider beer with me. I hope they have it. If not, drinking wine all night long might get ugly. :)

Allie said...

Hey MappyB --

Captain Morgan is gluten free, someone wrote to them online & got this response:

"Captain Morgan Rums replied to us today as follows: "...To answer your question all Captain Morgan products are Gluten free and are properly distilled, and therefore do not contain any wheat, rye, oats, barley (hordein), or spelt." "

So we're all good! I totally hear you on the wine drinking - lately I've been getting a little TOO drunk and it's from drinking wine like beer - not good, I've been trying to do, wine, water, wine, water...etc!

Andrew said...

Just get a dog goin! You can throw the bun at Paul Pierce next time. A dog is ALWAYS your best bet. unless of course its a soggy raw dog. then you shouldn't go near that.

GrewUpRural said...

Check out this article that I found on You should try to convince the Garden managment to carry this gf beer!

Anonymous said...

The garden actually does sell wine! I was there a couple of weeks ago for a game and much to my surprise (as a Celiac for about 7 years) they do sell small bottles of turning leaf (i think?) Chardonnay, Merlot or Blush. I had the chardonnay. It was fine. It was actually kind of funny sitting drinking wine watching the Celtics! haha Enjoy!

Anonymous said...
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