Wednesday, November 02, 2011


I have been on the hunt for a new spot to pick up lunch in the area, and somehow I happened upon freshii. It's a chain, and I think it opened pretty recently here in Boston. They are gluten free-helpful which is huge! I read online about some others having the rice bowls and I really wanted to give one of those a try. They also have a list of all the ingredients they use out where you order so you can check, and everything is made fresh to order. Here's an info sheet about what contains gluten.

First visit, I went with the Bliss Rice Bowl:

YUM. And it's A LOT of food. If I were better at managing my portions, I would eat half one day, and half the next. I went a couple other times and made a custom rice bowl, all good - then I realized they had rice noodles, so I gave that a try, again, custom bowl:

Jam-packed! This one I got the rice noodles with avocado, chicken, carrots, broccoli, feta cheese, probably some other veggies I can't remember and balsamic vinegar dressing.

Love this place! It's a tad pricey - probably around $10 for these bowls... but this really could be two meals.

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