Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Essential for me on the road

Since I'm traveling for work for a few weeks - eating can be tricky. I'm on sets for photoshoots for my job and we have different call times in weird locations for long hours. Just keeping a loaf of Udi's and a jar of peanut butter is perfect if I'm not sure I'll be able to eat.

Most of the sets I'm on have a huge supply of bagels, pastries and sandwiches. Yeah, not so good for me - so it's been a lot of Udis & PB and lots of little baggies of chips.

Almost out of bread now though - time to re-stock.

Don't laugh at me for eating the full-sugar full-fat Jif - it's awesome and I don't like to travel with peanut butter that separates & gets oily.



loretta said...

I just got back from a lot of traveling and I took several boxes of Larabars with me - they're favorite gluten free travel food!

Allie said...

loretta -- good call on the larabars. I also had those GF Luna protein bars which are really good. But I think I went with only 2, and they were gone in the first few days ;)