Friday, April 01, 2011

craving fresh cookies, fast.

Don't those look yummy? Well, they were. And they were ready in about 15 minutes.

This past weekend I had a hankering (pretty sure i've never spoken or typed that word before) for SOFT chocolate chip cookies, as in, freshly baked. But didn't want to do them from scratch, so I went over to the store and picked up these French Meadow Bakery GF Frozen Chocolate Chip cookie dough.

Open the box, place on baking sheet, bake, and DONE.

These are really really really good. Husband loved them too - I had to hide them.

Will definitely buy these again!


Marlow said...

I wondered how those were!!

Auntie Lolo said...

Okay I am going to admit something embarrassing. When I lived in Dallas near a Market Street Grocery Store where those were sold, I used to buy them but not once did they last long enough to be made into cookies! I love cookie dough and these were soo good!!! :)

Allie said...

marlow - i was originally looking for the cookies that you posted about - i think immaculate baking co?

auntie lolo -- WHY did I never think of that?! next time I'm definitely eating the dough ;) excellent idea.

Mrs. C said...

I am dying to try these cookies, they have been taunting me in the grocery store! I saw your review & when I saw the same company made pizza crust, I decided to try it. If they make good cookies, they must make good pizza dough! It was pretty good! It was no Boboli, but it wasn't super crumbly, so that was a win in my book! Thanks for sharing!

SLColman said...

I saw these at the store but hadn't tried them yet.... Glad to hear a positive review :)