Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Myers + Chang

This past weekend I finally got to check out Myers + Chang in the South End for dinner with another GF gal and our husbands.... We had a blast - they place is really cool, love the setting and atmosphere, very hip. The real draw for us though, was their gluten free menu!

It's not super extensive, but there definitely some good choices -- we opted to share the edamame & celery slaw, the thai ginger chicken salad served over rice vermicelli, the spicy silky tofu with peppered pork & scallions, and the indonesian fried rice.

The guys got a lot of spicy meat & other things and they were really happy with - they like spice.

We liked ours, but thought it was a little TOO spicy. The edamame & celery slaw was awesome - so was the thai ginger chicken salad. The spicy tofu was just that, spicy. Like, really spicy. And so was the fried rice. We had also asked the server if we could modify one of the other dishes & get it without sauce, but he said it really wouldn't be good, so we didn't get it - although, I wish we had gotten it anyway. Oh well...

We also had some delicious & really strong mai tai's!

So -- if you like really spicy food and are looking for a really cool atmosphere to go out for dinner or lunch, check this place out!

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Simply Life said...

I ate their dim sum lunch there a while ago and LOVED it!