Monday, January 29, 2007

Nigella is a genius

I caught a few minutes of "Nigella Bites" on the Food Network this weekend. I used to watch her show years ago, and had a few of her cookbooks, she is the best, if you've never heard of her - Google her, look for her, read her books, you will not regret it. She makes amazing food.

So in the few minutes I caught her show, I happened to tune into a quick & easy "working woman" soup which was great, because I wanted soup yesterday and had barely any groceries, and lucky me - it was gluten free (didn't mean to rhyme there, but how cute).

All it is, and you may have done this before, but I think it's genius, is a jar of pasta sauce, I have a tomato basil brand I love - dump it into a pan, add boiling water, and rice - and voila, Tomato & Rice soup.

I think the key here is a really great jar of tomato sauce, since that is where you get your whole flavor. I also added a can of crushed tomatoes, and some chicken stock (because i love salt), and a little extra basil & topped with parmesan cheese. YUM. And it took about 2 minutes to prepare, and 15ish to cook.

Also - Nigella has contributed to "The Gluten-Free Bible.." and has some great gluten free recipes, especially desserts for example see here


Slacker Mom said...

Thanks for the link to Nigella's recipe...looks great!!!

And the soup, I am assuming that the rice is cooked?

Allie said...

Hey SlackerMom - great name by the way, actually, I just threw the raw, uncooked rice into the pot - which was why it took 15 minutes or so to cook... That was how Nigella did it... Oh, and I must say, the leftovers were excellent - it wasn't soup anymore, but just thick rice. Yum.

GrewUpRural said...

I saw that same show on Sunday. I thought to myself that looks easy and it's gluten free. I will have to try it soon.

I found another restaurant that offers gluten free menu, Ted Montana's Grill. Not sure if there is one in your area. They don't carry the menu in the restaurant, but if you go to their website, it explains what you can't eat, etc. The bison burger is awesome, if you like red meat.