Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Apple Pie & Lasagna

OK -- haven't posted in a while, busy!

So, the lasagna was DELICIOUS! It didn't even taste gluten free, have I said how much I love Tinkyada pasta yet? This is certainly not a lasagna for those with lactose issues - it had 4 kinds of cheese & was great!

The apple pie however, was not so good. The crust wasn't really great, needed something else - maybe some honey or something? And on top of that - I was just trying to remember how to make it (no recipe) which was silly, I forgot to put sugar on the apples! Woops... It was kindof gross. I usually also like pie's to have a top layer of crust... I should try that almond flour crust next time that someone recommended. Anyway, experiments are good right?


Anonymous said...

Hi! Found your blog through GFFOrum... Looks great!

Allie said...

Hey BytheBay -- thanks for the comment! I just checked out your site - thanks for the heads up on the Food for Life Black Rice bread! I happen to love their brown rice bread.. I will be sure to buy some!!

Allie said...

Oh - and by the way, what's the GFFOrum? Tried to google it, couldn't find it... thanks!